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    Hey Ya'll, welcome to the strumdogs bio page We are a 4 piece band covering the best of Classic and modern rock with some country and a bunch of your favorite dance tunes The four members of this band with their diversified talents and backrounds come together to foem one of the most exciting bands to hit Charleston's music scene in a long time. The Strumdogs thrive on the energy from the crowd,which makes for a crazy time.....a must see....... These are the members of The Strumdogs: Greg Pallay; Bass guitar and Lead Vocals Greg is originally from NYC and is a veteran of the NYC music scene, playing with bands such as Hookie Spooner, Catapault, The Time Bandits and Counterpoint. He has also performed with original acts such as City Streets, Citirock and Sexton. He's been playing bass for over 40 years. Greg brings his high energy and strong vocals to The Strumdogs, as well as his interaction with the crowd that gets them excited and keeps them involved. He arrived on the Charleston music scene in 2007, playing with bands such as No Exit Strategy and The COOL. Tom Kirkpatrick; Guitar, Keyboards and Lead Vocals Tom began his professional music career in college as a guitarist and vocalist for the band Crossfire. He's gone on to play with Goldsmith and Back of My Hand before answering a Craigslist ad to join The Strumdogs. Because, at that time there were three guitarists, Tom added keyboards and slide to his repertoire in order to add variety and range to the band's song list. Last year, three of the original members of the band branched off to form a different project, Tom and George went on to team up with Greg and Tex to form the current version of The Strumdogs. Tex Curtis; Drums and Lead Vocals Tex originally hails from Savannah Ga. He and a childhood friend met, became inseperable, and formed the band Budda and later created a more well known band called Choice. Choice toured the East Coast for 8 years. More recently, Tex and a fellow vocalist formed St. Bryan's Taxi, which was locally known for their Alternative music style. In the fall of 2012, Tex received word that an up and coming band needed a drummer. Tex decided to join The Strumdogs. “Becoming a part of The Strumdogs was definitely one of the best musical decisions I have made in years” he was quoted as saying. Ethan Aneshansley; Guitar and Backround Vocals Ethan Aneshansley shares lead and rhythm guitar duties in the Strumdogs. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Ethan is a veteran of numerous NY, Boston and Charleston touring bands as well as a graduate of the Berklee College of Music. The wide variety of songs in the Strumdog arsenal allows him to stretch out across many styles and help the band's "something for everyone" approach guarantee a great night of exciting live music. When not performing, Ethan can be found searching Charleston for the latest micro-brew creations and the perfect "NY Style" pizza. Tex Curtis: 843-327-3528 Greg Pallay: 843-708-7286 Tom Kirkpatrick : 843-607-2754 Ethan Aneshansley: 843-991-1014
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